Generator Hire

We are a leading Generator Hire service in the UK. With a huge experience of over 20 years and technical expertise, Temporary Power Solutions has provided power backup solution to several industries and various events.


We offer a comprehensive range of generators for hire to suit the requirements of construction and manufacturing sites, Data Centre’s public events or any emergency needs. Our reliable and cost effective solution along with our maintenance program ensures that you do not have to face any issues once you hire a generator from us.


Our generator hire fleet consists of canopied and containerized diesel generators between 30 to 2000kVA. Our reliable and efficient equipment is backed by skilled manpower to expertly operate and maintain the equipment.


Some of the key features of our generator hire services are :-


  • We provide both canopied and containerised generators
  • Our generators are custom designed for maximum fuel efficiency, durability and reliability.
  • Our Generators range from 30 – 2000kVA
  • Each unit is self contained and fully bundled with an integral fuel tank to 110%
  • Our units can be synchronized
  • We provide both low voltage and high voltage solutions’ up to 33kv
  • Contingency planning solutions are available
  • Deep Sea controllers, quick and simple to operate.
  • Our generators are acoustically housed to provide industry sound attenuation levels.
  • Optimized engine management in order to provide maximum power output
  • Standby power option available


Our generators are fuel-efficient, portable, performance and cost efficient. They can provide seamless power supply round the clock as per your requirement.


If you feel your power generator requirements are too challenging, you can always get in touch with us and our experts will offer you the perfect solution as per your budget and requirement.

Generator Hire

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